Weekly Link Love – Edition 69

Research of the Week

Walking isn’t enough to prevent weight gain.

Whey protein isolate beats even the most “optimized” blend of plant proteins.

The standard Western diet damages memory.

An estimation of “post-treatment Lyme disease” numbers in America (bigger than you think!).

Creatine, amino acids, and whey work better than whey alone.

Good for tacos, bad for sleep.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Primal Blueprint podcast

Episode 404: David Morin: Host Elle Russ chats with David Morin, a strength and conditioning coach with clients like Allen Iverson and U.S. special forces.

Primal Health Coach Institute Podcast

Primal Health Coach Radio, Episode 48: Laura and Erin chat with our very own Elle Russ.

Media, Schmedia

NY Times covers fasting.

Ancient practices solve modern problems (again).

Interesting Blog Posts

Comfort kills.

Notes from the 2020 Longevity Therapeutics Conference in San Francisco.

Social Notes

Correlation does not always mean causation.

Everything Else

Imagine thinking this was a good thing.

I’ve always maintained that orangutans are the most underrated apes.

Listening to Indian classical music helps schizophrenics’ cognitive function.

Letting the sun shine on metabolic syndrome.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Twitter thread I found horrifying: On the techies’ vision of the future of food.

Sport I didn’t know existed: Buffalo racing.

This resonates: The Scots who fish like Vikings.

I hope this helps folks who need it: The FDA expands MDMA testing.

I’d say on balance these were mostly good changes: How Google engineered what its employees eat.

Question I’m Asking

Would you try this? And do you think that guy was thankful (and does it matter for your decision)?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Feb 15 – Feb 21)

Comment of the Week

“Coronavirus—I’m a long-time MDA follower and Primal enthusiast, and I’m writing now from Wuhan, China, where I’ve lived with my family since 2011. We’re on quarantine, stuck at home, and we’re healthy.

It’s easy to get sucked into the media’s depiction of this virus and what China and Wuhan are like. I’m not going to comment much because I don’t want to get sucked into the media hype again. Just writing because I’m glad you brought it up. Glad you addressed something about this virus. And I appreciate the respect with which you wrote.

I’m an American citizen, and Wuhan is my home.

Keep up the great writing and open and respectful platform, Mark!


– Glad to hear from you, Rebecca.

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